Our Mission

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We use the power of sport to engage underserved youth in community based programs and initiatives to help them lead healthy lives and build healthy communities. We also work to improve the systems and world in which our programs take place and where the youth in our programs live and play. We are dedicated to ensuring every child in New Orleans can get in the game with access to sports-based youth development programs regardless of income, race, gender, or zip code.


What We Do

Sport For Social Change

Sports provide an unequalled and incredible opportunity to engage youth where they are and in a way that can promote their positive development. Sports provide a unique platform for learning how to lose, what it takes to win, dealing with adversity, and learning how to resolve conflict. Research shows that youth engaged in sports:

  • Experience greater cognitive function
  • Achieve better mental health and educational outcomes
  • Have fewer health problems

We design and run programs and initiatives that use the power of sports to get youth leading healthy lives and developing the character and leadership skills needed to be successful in life. We partner with other organizations to provide additional resources or assistance when needed. We share our knowledge with other programs and assist them in order to raise the entire youth development sector.

New Orleans Youth Sports Player Enjoying Soccer


You Can Have An Impact. Get Involved.

New Orleans Youth Sports Player in Kicks NOLA Program


Every dollar you give allows us to provide another youth in New Orleans with free access to high quality sports and support programming. Your support is critical to our mission. Thank you.

Kicks NOLA Soccer Coach


Coach-mentors are the most important part of our program. You can provide a life-changing experience to a kid by giving some of your time. Become a change-maker.

Coach Pavlick talking with New Orleans youth sports soccer players.


We know not everyone is able to give money or time to volunteer. We are always looking for people to support in other ways such as marketing, fundraising, or a special skill set.